GUNGDAI Water Filtration
GD IZERO Next-gen Under-counter Tankless RO System
Discover the next-generation GD iZERO I and GD iZERO II under-counter tankless RO systems. Delivering up to 600 gallons/day of purest water with a sleek design, high efficiency, and silent operation. Enhance your kitchen with GUNGDAI's advanced water filtration technology, GD iZERO RO systems.

GD FS2 (R/U) - Filter Cartridge Series
GD FS2 (R/U) - Filter Cartridge Series
GD-FS2 R Neutral Ion-exchange Resin. Softens hard water by exchanging calcium and magnesium ions, with twice the lifespan of standard resins. Ideal for home and commercial use. GD-FS2 U Composite Filter. Removes sediments, chlorides, organic impurities, odors, and bacteria. Enhances water taste with a 6000-liter capacity. Store unopened filters for up to three years.
GD MAX/PRO/RESIN Filter Cartridge Series
Discover GD Series Filters:
Your reliable hydration source with advanced filtration technology. Features ACF AG+ filters, antibacterial PP fiber, and anti-scale resin for superior water quality. Raw material from Japan, 100% Made in Taiwan, SGS qualified.