What's GUNGDAI brand all about?

GUNGDAI, a brand under Gung Dai Technology Co., Ltd., was established in Taiwan in 2005. GUNGDAI is dedicated to providing top-notch quality and the most innovative products.

We do our QC with the utmost rigor, design with an artistic mindset, and finish our products with the spirit of craftsmanship. This commitment to excellence is why we have quickly become one of Taiwan's leading premium home appliance brands in less than a decade.

Where are GUNGDAI products made?

The GUNGDAI series are 100% made in Taiwan. GUNGDAI, hereinafter referred as GD, is a Taiwanese brand with a global presence. Renowned for its top-notch quality, excellent artwork design and impeccable craftsmanship. GD stands as a premium home appliance brand that perfectly integrates into any luxury interior decorations, making it the go-to choice for those who settle for nothing but the best.

How to become a qualified partner with Gung Dai Technology Co., Ltd.?

To qualify as a partner with us, we look for the following qualities:

  1. Excellent company reputation
  2. Strong sales, after-sales, and customer service teams
  3. Robust financial management system
  4. Insight into market trends
  5. Ambition for success


To ensure a lucrative business for all Gung Dai's partners, we are obligated to strictly review all customer backgrounds before collaborating with them. This is not only to uphold the good reputation of the GUNGDAI brand but also to ensure that all our partners share the same advantages and keep their interests within the business network.
Remember, we believe in rising tides lifting all boats, and together, we can achieve great success.

Why the capacity of GD series hot tanks is smaller than other brands?

The hot tanks in GD series water dispensers are intentionally designed smaller because consumer habit analysis revealed that a 2.4-liter hot tank is sufficient for general once consumption. This design primarily enhances energy efficiency and positions GD ahead of competitors.

Why does the water temperature decrease when I use a certain amount of hot water in the GD series water dispenser?

In GD series water dispensers, the consumed hot water is replenished with ambient water simultaneously. Initially, the layers of hot and ambient water don't mix due to their different densities. However, as more hot water is used and replaced by ambient water, they eventually mix, causing the overall water temperature to decrease.

Does the GD series water dispenser require regular maintenance?

Yes, we recommend performing major maintenance for your GD series water dispenser at least every four years, and more frequently if the source water in your area is lower quality. This keeps the longevity and hygienic for your water dispenser.

Please contact your maintenance personnel for further detail. 

Is the water stored inside the main unit under the sink for the GD series water dispenser?

Yes. the drink water is stored in the tank of the main unit. But don't worry, all hot tanks for the GD series water dispensers are made of ST-304 stainless steel. It's hygienic and safe, with no concern about heavy metal contamination. Additionally, there's a dry-run protection mechanism for the hot tank that stops heating if there's no water replenishment.

Why doesn't the hot water stop instantly when turning off hot water on GD series water dispensers?

To prevent issues such as excessive pressure and sewage backflow, all GD series hot tanks are equipped with a pressure relief system. It's normal for a small amount of hot water to come out after turning off the hot water to release pressure from the tank.

If hot water flows continuously, please turn off the unit power and water source switch, then contact your local maintenance personnel for an on-site repair.

Why does the faucet LED light on the GD series water dispenser flash red and blue?

To ensure a safe water drinking, the faucet LED light will flash red and blue as a reminder to replace the filter cartridge when it exceeds its recommended lifespan.

Please contact your maintenance personnel for after-service.

Does the heater of the GD series water dispensers release contaminant during the heating process?

All heaters in the GD series water dispensers are UL certified by the United States and made with medical-grade ST-316 stainless steel. They are completely harmless and do not release contaminants like other copper heaters. Moreover, GD's heater are two times bigger than the traditional type, which are more efficient and energy-saving.

Why doesn't water come out when I press hot water button?

For your safety, all GD series water dispensers are equipped with a "Safety Lock" feature to prevent accidental touches. Before dispensing hot water, simply press the "Unlock" button to unlock it.

Additionally, if the touch panel is not responding, it may be due to dirt or residue on the panel. In such cases, gently wipe the touch panel with a mild dish soap or cleaner. Avoid using abrasive scrubbing pads, as any scratch on the panel may affect its functionality.

When the GD series water dispensers experience difficulty in water flow or slow flow, how to do a easy troubleshooting?

All GD series water dispensers are equipped with "Water Leakage Circuit Breaker" to prevent devices keep operating while leaking. Please check if the breaker is activated and resolve the water leakage before resuming use.

If this issue continues, please contact your maintenance personnel for an on-site inspection.