GUNGDAI Technology is all about people-first innovation, striving to enhance your lifestyle by seamlessly integrating into your daily routine. Not just about drinking water solutions; GUNGDAI is also your go-to brand for premium home appliances.

To see even more stylish offerings from us in the future, designed to not only art-like but also elevate your living experience with unparalleled craftsmanship.

Stay Ahead of The Curve

GUNGDAI, the brand known as a premium home appliances; has always been dedicated to enhancing people's quality of life. GUNGDAI understands that mere innovation is far from enough; thinking ahead, design from the user's perspective, is what truly improves the living experience. Thus, that's the GUNGDAI that people know about.

Leading Brand of People-First

"Ergonomic Design" is the key to user satisfaction. At GUNGDAI, each design is based on "People-First" thinking, ensuring that products are easy to use and reduce time costs, so that you can enjoy more quality family time. Only by integrating user experience and warmth into design details can a brand truly embody the spirit of people-first.

Crafted Beauty, Impress the Era

Making good products has never been GUNGDAI's goal but beyond excellence. Every process we make is about perfecting the details; every curve we design is a pursuit of craftsmanship. GUNGDAI offers more than just a stylish home appliance; it's an experience for savoring life.