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How to Choose Your Water Filtration System?


Authored by GUNDAI

Generally, hard water is prone to scale. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a water filter that can effectively remove scale and heavy metals. If the pipelines in your area are older, they also pose pollution risks. These factors are crucial considerations.


In addition to water quality, installation space is another major focus of evaluation. When comparing water filters, they can be categorized into three types based on location: Faucet-mounted, Under-counter, Tabletop.


What kind of system do you need

Before choosing a suitable water filter, you must first understand your home's water conditions and installation space. This will help you purchase the most appropriate product that meets your needs.

Consider your lifestyle preferences, select from 3 types of home water purification devices:

  1. Faucet-mounted water filter
    • Compact and lightweight.
    • Requires frequent replacement of the filter cartridge.
    • Must be used with a compatible faucet.


  1. Tabletop water dispenser
  • Convenient installation.
  • lower water output and flow rate compared to under-counter models.
  • Suitable for smaller households.


  1. Under-counter water dispenser
  • Stylish and space-saving design.
  • Ideal for larger families needing a substantial and consistent water supply.
  • Emphasizes minimalist elegance with our GD Under-Counter Series .


Maintain your filters

Filtration systems require regular maintenance for effective water treatment. Filter cartridges should be replaced every 6-12 months, or sooner based on your water quality and volume. Check product specs for maintenance frequency and consumable costs.

18 06 2024